What are the types of Catalog Items?

The basic Service Catalog item types include:
Record producers: giving alternative ways of adding information such as Incidents via the service catalog.
Order guides: to group multiple catalog items in one request.
Content Items: catalog items which provide information instead of goods or services.

Define Record Producer.

A record producer is a specific type of catalog item that allows end users to create task-based records, such as incident records, from the service catalog.

What is the value return by LIST ?

List value returns a comma-separated list of sys_ids.
For example: List value, return an array which can be iterated to retrieve the individual values submitted by your user
var sys_id_string  = producer. glide_list_field;
var sys_id_list   = string. split ( ‘,’ );

How can you redirect an end user to a particular page after the record producer is submitted?

The following code redirects users to their homepage after the record producer is submitted.

Define Order Guide.

Order guides enable customers to make a single service catalog request that generates several items.

How can you create order guides?

Order Guides can be created with a two-step or three-step ordering process.
1. Describe Needs
2. Choose Options
3. Check Out
For two-step process the Check Out step can be omitted from an order guide to provide a quicker two-step process. To omit this third step, select the Two step check box when creating the order guide.

Can we add a catalog item to an order guide?

Yes, by using specific rules.

What is Order Guide rule or Rule base ?

Order guide rules define conditions that must be met for a specific item to be included in an order.
For example: A New Employee Hire order guide rule can state that if the new employee job title is CTO or Director, and the department is IT, then add an executive desktop item to the order.

What is the use of Cascade ?

Cascading allows values entered for variables in the initial order form to be passed to the equivalent variables in the ordered catalog items.
To enable cascading, select the Cascade variables check box when creating the order guide.
Then, create variables on the catalog items that match the names of the corresponding variables in the order guide. When a customer places an order, the variables on the ordered items inherit the values of the identically named variables in the order guide.

can we run an order guide automatically. If so, how?

Yes, we can run an order guide automatically from within a workflow or a server script, passing parameters to that order guide to define variable values.

Define Content Items.

A content item is a service catalog item that provides information.

Define Catalog items.

The goods and services available within the catalog.

How can you direct users to a specific catalog via a URL to a module in that particular catalog?

In the Link Type section, select URL (from Arguments), then in the Arguments field, enter a URL of the form 
catalog_home.do?sysparm_catalog=id of sc_catalog record&sysparm_catalog_view=view name of sys_portal_page.

For example: catalog_home.do?sysparm_catalog=742ce428d7211100f2d224837e61036d&sysparm_catalog_view=catalog_technical_catalog

Note: If a URL has a valid sysparm_catalog parameter, but an invalid or missing sysparm_catalog_view parameter, the view with the default value from the corresponding Catalog Portal Page record is used.
If a URL has a valid sysparm_catalog_view parameter, but an invalid or missing sysparm_catalog parameter, the corresponding Catalog Portal Page record is used to set the catalog.

Can a category having no active items appear/added in the catalog?

If there are no active items in a category’s hierarchy, that category does not appear in (and cannot be added to) the catalog. Users with the admin or catalog_admin roles can see all categories, regardless of the number of active items.
Configure the glide.sc.category.canview.override property to change this behavior.

What is the use of variable “Omit Price in Cart”?

It is used to hide the item price in the cart and the catalog listing.

What is the difference between copy and insert/insert and stay catalog item?

Copy an item means creating a full duplicate of the item, including the item details, attachments, variables, client scripts, and approvals.
Insert only copies the item details.

Can a Catalog item will be available in more than one catalog and category?

Yes, a catalog item can be available for multiple catalogs and categories.