HRSD in ServiceNow

What is HR Service Delivery (HRSD) in ServiceNow?

What is HR Service Delivery (HRSD)?

HRSD stands for Human Resource Service Delivery.

HRSD can help organisations to provide seamless services to employees with the help of different HR activities. HRSD provides a complete portfolio of solutions.
ServiceNow HRSD is basically one-stop-shop for any service an employee needs.

HRSD in Now Platform helps organisations by giving them a single place to find answers, requests items and services, and chat with a professional.

Note: ServiceNow introduced HRSD application in the Istanbul release before that it was known as HRSM i.e., HR Service Management.
HRSD is on Scoped application and HRSM was on global application.

Why HR Service Delivery (HRSD) is important for any organisation?

HRSD plays a significant role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity. It also plays a great role in establishing a good relationship between employee and organisation.

We have seen that in many cases we may start from HR but often we require work from other departments like IT, finance, or facilities as well. In such scenarios HRSD can be utilised.
ServiceNow allows you to unify these multi-department processes in a single platform and task from other departments to complete work; creating a seamless service experience for the employee.

Scenario: If you have queries related to Payroll, you will reach someone who can provide relevant information on the same. But what happens if you don’t know the exact person or team responsible for providing you the inputs or maybe in some cases you have to wait for a long time. In such scenario HRSD comes into the picture and provides you proper channel for your solution.

Statistics says if an organisation have seamless HR Services, employee engagement then productivity increases.So, In order to achieve business goal, you must have to treat your employee fair, provide them good opportunity and solve their query efficiently.

What are the key features of HR Service Delivery (HRSD)?

Below are the major key features provided by ServiceNow in HRSD that can be used to solve our HR related queries and help organisations to achieve their business goals.

  • HR Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Service Center
  • Lifecycle Events
  • HR Integrations
  • HR Performance Analytics
  • Employee Document Management
  • Now Mobile Apps for HRSD
  • Mobile Onboarding app

HR Case and Knowledge Management
HR Case and Knowledge Management application is used to create, view, or edit HR cases.
Some use case will be like Benefit tracking, Tuition reimbursement, creating and publishing article, etc.

Employee Service Center
The Employee Service Center is a single place for employees to get all the information, services, and help that they need like view all their requests, browse knowledge bases and catalogs, chat with live agents, and more.
The Employee Service Center is available as part of HR Service Delivery or as a standalone application.

Lifecycle Events
This application allows you easily automate onboarding and other employee lifecycle events that span multiple departments, which helps to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency across HR and other departments.
Some use case will be like Employee onboarding, Leave of absence.

HR Integrations
HR Integrations allows integration of HR Service Delivery with a third-party HR management system to synchronise employee profiles, to-dos, and other data; background check systems to request background checks; e-signature systems to request electronic signatures; and more.
Some use case will be like pull employee data from an external HCM system, push updates to external systems.

HR Performance Analytics Content Pack
HR Performance Analytics is used for reporting and analysing HR service delivery performance and quality in the ServiceNow enterprise cloud. It provides responsive, interactive canvas to access real-time trends and comes with pre-defined, best practice dashboards and KPIs for HR service delivery. Dashboards provide a graphical view of performance trends and real-time results, allowing executives and business service owners to make quick, informed decisions at a glance.
Some use case will be like Active HR case per week, Average open backlog.

Employee Document Management
It is used to manage documents. It provides storage space, a filing system, the ability to easily retrieve documents, defining who can view sensitive documents.
For example if Your company asks to complete and return documents related to benefits, payroll, and other services. In this case it can be used.
Some use case will be like Tuition receipts, Non-disclosure agreements

Now Mobile Apps for HRSD
This enable your employees to view HR requests, request help, complete HR tasks, receive targeted mobile content and push notifications, chat with an agent, and more.

Mobile Onboarding app
This enable your new hires to complete onboarding tasks, receive targeted mobile content and push notifications, view relevant media sections, chat with an agent, and more.