What is the default web address format of service now instance?

The default web address format is:
https://<instance name>.service-now.com.

Which search engine is used by Service Now for indexing and searching record data?

The service now uses the Zing text indexing and search engine to search record data.

What will happen if you add the schema (nav_to.do?uri=) after the service now default instance URL?

It will display the page in the standard interface, with the banner frame on top and the application navigator on the left.

What is the use of tiny URL support?

You can use tiny URLs when a redirect URL becomes too large. This ensures that URLs that are too large for IE (greater than 2083) are not used. Instead, they are converted to a tiny URL to work around the IE issue.

What do you mean by User Presence in Service Now?

User Presence allows you to see who is online when you are working in an instance.
Your avatar appears in the form header next to your name, and in multiple other places such as in activity streams, Visual Task Boards, live feeds, and Connect conversations. A dot on the avatar of the user represents online status.
> Green dot if the user is logged in.
> No dot if the user is not logged in.
> Orange dot if the user recently logged out.
By Default it is activated in every instance.

How can you disable the User Presence of your instance?

You can disable User Presence globally by changing the properties:
Navigate to sys_properties.list.
Locate the property named glide.ui.presence.disabled.
Set the Value to true.

What are the three parts of condition builder?

The three parts of condition builders are:
1. Field
2. Operator
3. Value

How can you set or restrict the number of items that appear in the Available column of the slushbucket?

You can set it with the help of glide.xmlhttp.excessive property.
1. Add the property to the System Properties [sys_properties] table.
2. Change the Type to Integer.
3. Enter a number in the Value field you want to show in available column of the slushbcket.
Note: Setting a number significantly higher than 100 can lead to performance issues on your instance as the data is loaded into the slushbucket.

Define Activity streams.

An activity stream is a list of entries in records and conversations.
Examples of activity streams include journal fields like comments and work notes that display in task records and Connect Chat conversations.

What are the different types of Activity steams in Service Now?

There are three types of activity streams.
List activity stream
Record activity stream
Visual Task Boards

How can you add Tree Picker behavior to any field?

You can add tree picker by following the below steps:
Modify the dictionary entry for the field.
Add tree_picker=true to the Attributes field.

What is dot walking in Service Now?

Dot-walking provides access to fields on related tables from a form, list, or script.
If the current table contains a reference to another table, any field on the referenced table can be accessed using dot-walking.
For example, incident.assigned_to.company references the company of the user assigned to an incident.

What is the use of User Preference in Service Now?

Individual users can configure many UI features. These user customization’s are stored as records in the User Preference [sys_user_preference] table, and are updated each time the user changes the setting.
For example, by default the response time may appear at the bottom of lists and forms. If a user hides the response time, a user preference record is created showing the response time indicator as hidden. During the user’s future sessions, the response time indicator is hidden. If the same user later displays the response time, the user preference record is updated appropriately and future sessions open with the response time indicator visible.

How can a user troubleshoot unexplained behavior in the user interface?

If a user encounters an unexplained behavior in the user interface, an administrator can check their user preferences.
1. Navigate to User Administration > User Preferences.
2. Search for the user name to find all that user’s records.
3. Delete the record that affects the behavior in question.

What do you mean by View in Service Now?

A view defines the elements that appear when a user opens a form or a list, and you can switch the view from the default for lists and forms.

Can we switch form views on a new form that has not been saved?

No, you cannot switch form views on a new form that has not been saved yet.

When a user has a view saved as a user preference and then opens a URL to a record that specifies another view, in which view record will open?
For example, if a user selects the Mobile view on an Incident record and then tries to open the following link (https://{instance}/nav_to.do?uri=incident.do?sys_id={sys_ID}sysparm_view=vtb), which specifies the visual task board view.

The form displays in the view saved in the user preference. The form still opens in the Mobile view.

How can you restrict the image file extensions that appear in the UI?

You can create a property (glide.ui.strict_content_types) to restrict the image file extensions that appear in the UI.
1. Enter sys_properties.list in the Navigation filter.
2. Verify that the property does not exist by searching for the property name.
3. Click New.
4. Complete the system property using the following table.
Name: String
Type: String
Value: Comma-separated list of acceptable image file names (ico,gif,png,jpg,jpeg,bmp,js,css,htm,html,ogg,mp3,eot,woff,woff2,svg,ttf,swf,cur,map.)
Note: Any files that use a file extension that is not included in the list of values appear broken in the UI.

How can you redirect your banner logo link to any specific page? For example by default it redirects to home page, if you want to redirect to incident list page when we hit banner logo of the instance.

By the help of property (glide.banner.image.url) we can to control the banner logo URL.
In the value field, change home.do to incident_list.do. It will redirect to incident list.

What is the use of the property glide.banner.image.url_target?

This property is used to redirect the browser windows when we click on the banner logo.
1. gsft_main: If you want to open in the same/content frame window.
2. _top: If you want to open in the full body of the window and replace the current window.
3. _blank: If you want to open in a new window/tab.

How can you add help to a field label on a form? For example:

1. Open the form.
2. Right-click the label for the field and select Configure Label.
3. Complete the form as per your requirements. You can also add URL.