Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) Interview Questions

Which plugin need to activate to access Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) ?

Human Resources Scoped App: Core [com.sn_hr_core] plugin needs to be activated to access HRSD module.

What is the stage of HR cases when created?

HR cases are in Draft state when created.

Who has access to the Employee Service Center?

All employees.

What are the two ways to open a new HR case?

Application Navigator
In the Application navigator, click HR Case Management > Create New Case.

Title Bar
From the title bar of an HR case list, click New to create a new case.

What is the skills field used for?

It specifies the HR skills that are required to resolve this HR case.
For example: Skills field is automatically set to HR System for HR operations cases.

Can we specify more than one Skills for a HR Case?

Yes, Skills is a locked field, you can specify more than one skill.

How can you Add or modify an HR skill?

You can create and edit skills in the Manage HR Skills module.
Navigate to HR Administration > Manage Roles Manage HR Skills.
Click New Skill or open an existing skill.

What is Center of Excellence (COE) in HRSD?

Center of Excellence (COE) is the type of HR case you want to create. It helps organizing Services, HR data, and processes by functional discipline. Each COE displays different fields in the new case form. COE sets the options for the HR Service field.
The COE allows you to limit access to sensitive information, promote consistency for metrics and reporting, and help drive automation by defining the request to fulfillment process at the HR service level.

Who is generally responsible for assigning an individual to an HR Case?

A member of the Assignment Group.

What is the difference between Opened For and Subject Person?

The Opened for user is generally the person that initiated contact to have the case opened. 
The Subject person is the person that the case is about, and defaults to the Opened for user but can be changed if required.

What is Response Template in HRSD?

Response Template can resolve cases or support issues faster and more efficiently.
Response templates (formerly known as templated snippets) are reusable messages that you can copy to HR case forms to provide quick and consistent messages to employees or to display standard chat response messages to the requester in Agent Chat.

Is it possible to create HR Case from HR Profile?

Navigate to HR Profile in the Filter navigator.Click HR Profile > HR Profiles.
In the HR Profiles list:
Click HR profile number in Number column to open the user profile.
In the HR Profile form, scroll down to the Related Links section.
Click Create New Case.

How can you create same type of HR cases for multiple employees without having to create the same case multiple times? 

Create Bulk Cases module can be used to create same type of HR cases for multiple employees.
Click HR Case Management > Create Bulk Cases.

Why checklist is used in HR Cases?

A checklist serves as a reminder to the HR agent to follow proper procedures.

What are the different states of an HR case?

An HR case passes through various states while going through the processes to move to final resolution and completion.
Below are the out of box configured states:
Awaiting Approval
Work in Progress
Closed Complete
Closed Incomplete
Awaiting Acceptance

What are the different activities involved on an HR Case while investigating the Case?

The different activities involved on an HR Case while investigating the Case are listed below:

How you can escalate an HR Case?

You can escalate an HR case by following the below steps:

Under Related Links, click Escalate Case. A dialog box will open.
In the dialog box, enter the reason for the escalation, and then click OK.
The HR case is automatically assigned to the proper escalation group and saved.

Can a Closed or cancelled HR case reopen?

A Closed/Cancelled HR case cannot be reopened.

What are the different user types that can view the HR ticket page on Employee Service Center?

Three different user types can view the HR ticket page:
Opened for
Subject person
Assigned to