CIS-RC Mock Paper 3

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CIS-RC Mock Paper 3

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to Risk and Compliance Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance (CIS-RC) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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When selecting policy exception sources: (Select four)

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To use Advanced Risk Assessment, we define factors. The different factors are: (Choose four)

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All of the following tables are extended from Content table except.

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Which role is required to set up Policy Acknowledgement campaign? (Select two)

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The Risk Scoring values are entered on the Risk Statement. What records inherits the values from the Risk Statement?

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HIPAA stands for

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The Script Include where it is defined to use a different criteria to create control records.

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Policies are created in which state?

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The Script Include where it is defined to modify the Policy Acknowledgement process.

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For Policy and Compliance, which role is required to create GRC attestation metric type?

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All of the following tables are extended from Document table except.

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What are the different states available out of the box for Policy Exception Lifecycle?

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The SOX content pack includes a series of policies, control, risks. How are all of these components linked together?

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The Control Objective does not have their own record lifecycle, they depend on Policy state.

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Which Audit task is used to determine the overall effectiveness of a control?

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Different Entity scoping approaches? (Choose two)

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David is an Audit Manager. In addition to Audit Manager, which roles should be assigned to ensure he can manage the audit process as well as other GRC functions related to audit? (Choose two)

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Minimum role required to request a Policy Exception from the Service Portal?

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Which table stored the links from “Control Objective to Citation”?

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The minimum role required to create risk record.

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If a person is submitting Policy Exception through Service Portal. In which state the Record Producer creates the Policy Exception?

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Which role(s) has the capability to create Policies? Choose two.)

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Implementation team required to run GRC Project. (Choose three)

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Can Control Objective belong to more than one Policy?

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Indicator Templates can be related to _______ and _______ . (Choose two)

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What is the database name of the table “Entity Type”?

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What is the database name of table Control objective?

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By default, what is the weight of controls while creation?

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In which Risk Response task “Risk Owner” approval is required to move Risk and Risk Acceptance Task to the Review state.

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For Risk Acceptance task, who is notified through notifications to approve the task?

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Which GRC application would you use to manage internal or external consultancy processes that aim to prove the effectiveness of controls?

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What are the different states available out of the box for classic/standard Risk management?

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The conditions under which Engagements move into the "Closed" state. (Select three)

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You are working with your customer to determine necessary audit management workflow configurations. What should they know about the approval process for audit engagements? (Choose three)

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Which tables extend the Content (sn_grc_content) table? (Choose two)

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After an engagement has been approved and there are no remaining open tasks or issues and observations associated with the engagement, the engagement automatically moves from Awaiting Approval into which state.

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The scheduled job that runs every hour to update entity records.

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Which filter navigation syntax displays the table in list view within a separate browser tab?

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The Flow that triggers based on the substate field in Policy Exception.

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The Users with the role ________ and higher can be assigned to a Risk Response task.

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Which of the following tables exist within the GRC: Policy and Compliance Management scope? (Choose three)

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If a company is performing similar tests across many of their technical and process controls. What will be the best approach?

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Engagement [sn_audit_engagement] table is extended from:

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What are the different states available out of the box for Policy Acknowledgement campaign lifecycle?

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What is the database name of the table “Entity”?