CIS-RC Mock Paper 2

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CIS-RC Mock Paper 2

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to Risk and Compliance Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance (CIS-RC) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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Risk Response Tasks available in Advanced Risk application. (Select four)

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Which role is required to set Audience for Policy Acknowledgement? (Select two)

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In which state can reviewers either send the Policy back to draft or forward it by requesting approval?

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Once the Risk Response Task is approved, the response task moves to which state?

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After the risk assessment is done, on which basis the audit managers can decide if they want to audit the entities.

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In which state, Indicators can be created to continuously monitor a risk’s exposure?

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Risk statement table is extended from:

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Policy Exceptions submitted via the Service Portal are based on:

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What are the different scenarios under which issues can be created in audit management? (Select four)

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The ServiceNow Platform requires which external components in order to ingest data from other systems?

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The Risk thresholds in the Risk Criteria Matrix (default values) do not line up with company needs. What should you do?

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If the engagement is rejected, the engagement automatically moves back to which state?

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The Script Include where it is defined to change who can edit a policy in the “Review” state.

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Tables extended from Audit Task [sn_audit_task]. (Select four)

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The Script Include where it is defined to change how the compliance score roll up.

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A Policy Exception cannot be approved: (Select two)

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By default, Risks are created in which state?

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For Risk, which role is required to create GRC Risk Assessment metric type?

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The Tablename.CONFIG

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In which state an attestation is active and sent to the control owner?

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Policy table is extended from:

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A repository of the key attributes of potential and known Risk Issues.

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What is the database name of the table “Entity Class”?

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The segment of the financial industry that governs the use of all electronic forms of payment.

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The Citation table is a child table of which parent?

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A Test template can be applies to _______

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What are the different states available out of the box for Control Lifecycle?

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In which state Risk rating is determined in Policy Exception?

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If Approvers is/are not listed for policy, policy proceeds straight to which state?

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What are the different options for adding content to GRC application? (Select three)

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Who can manually retire the Policy? (Choose two)

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When a Risk Response task is moved to Review state, who is notified through Notifications?

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In which state Campaigns are created for Published Policy records?

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Which role is required to assign Risk Response task?

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Minimum role required to create a Risk Response.

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What table stores the links from “Entity Type to Risk Statement”?

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The Business Rule which set the substate to awaiting approvals if there are Verification rules for the Policy Exception?

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Type of Indicators available by default. (Select three)

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For Control records, who can modify the Control in the Draft state?

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Which of the following are scoped applications related to the Risk and Compliance applications? (Choose four.)

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Assessment type in Advance Risk application. (Select three)

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Risk Framework table is extended from:

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There is a direct relationship between Entity Class and Entity Type when:

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All of the following are PARENT tables which exist within the GRC Entities application scope EXCEPT.

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What are the different states available out of the box for Policy Lifecycle?