CIS-RC Mock Paper 1

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CIS-RC Mock Paper 1

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to Risk and Compliance Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance (CIS-RC) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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What happens when you assign an Entity Type to a Risk Statement?

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Who can send the Policy back to draft or forward it by requesting approval? (Select three)

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GRC Options in Interactive Filters are only available through which feature?

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Who can move a Policy into Review? (Choose two)

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What GRC module would you access in order to update Entity Types?

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Control Failure Factor represents the impact of Control Failures on what score?

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What are the different Audit Tasks available in Audit Management? (Choose four)

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What are the Risk Scoring methods available in ServiceNow? (Choose two)

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Which of the following extends from Document [sn_grc_document]? (Choose three)

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To Use Advanced Risk Assessment application in Servicenow environment which property must be enable after activating GRC: Advanced Risk Plugin?

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What are the different states available out of the box for classic/standard Risk management?

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Which tables can be leveraged in Entity filters for Entity type to generate Entities?

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If we talk about GRC maturity level, where most of the customer would fall?

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Possible regulations when Entity scoping for Healthcare. (Choose two)

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Which one of the following is not a trigger for issue creation?

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Which of the following extends from item [sn_grc_item]? (Choose two)

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What are the four values leveraged for the Inherent and Residual Risk Score Types?

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The Plugin for GRC: Audit Management is:

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_______ can be used to build the relationship between the entity classes.

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Which of the following statements is true of a Risk Response task?

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When calculating compliance scores, what is true about the weighting of Controls? (Choose two)

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What table, along with the Policy table, is linked to the Control Objective table by a many-to-many relationship?

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Which of the following extends from Content [sn_grc_content]? (Choose three)

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What are the available options by default to create Policy Exception? (Select four)

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Entity scoping is used for what?

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The conditions under which Engagements move into the "Closed" state. (Select three)

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Which role is not part of ServiceNow GRC?

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UCF has a collection of what? Select all UCF terms. (Choose three)

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What type of customers may you encounter regarding GRC applications? (Choose three)

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By default, the various states of the audit engagement workflow/lifecycle are:

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In which state can Compliance Manager or above review Control and move it to either Monitor or return to Draft state?

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What are the available Source types for Policy Exception? (Select three)

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Where does a policy get published to when it is approved?

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Which of the following tables exist within the GRC: Profiles application scope? (Choose three)

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Why would you create Entity classes?

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What is the database name of the table Risk statement?

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What would you leverage in order to provide users with an alternate user experience to view policies, create policy exceptions, and search for controls?

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Which role reviews the risk response and moves the Risk record into the Monitor state at the appropriate time?

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The ‘Add to Update Set’ utility is available for download via:

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Control indicators may be triggered or scheduled in which state?

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What are some characteristics of the ServiceNow Store? (Choose four)

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After an engagement has been approved and there are remaining open tasks or issues and observations associated with the engagement, the engagement automatically moves into which state.

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In Risk Management, which role is required to move the risk record into the Monitor State?

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Which table store the links from Entity to Entity Types?

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The Tablename.config: