CIS-HR Mock Paper 3

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CIS-HR Mock Paper 3

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to HRSD Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – HR (CIS-HR) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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If you had little coding experience and were tasked with adding new pages to the customer’s Employee Service Center, which Service Portal Configuration option would be best to complete the task?

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What does the employees utilize when submitting a self-service request to the HR Organization?

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What is the primary purpose of HR Topic Categories?

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If both the Knowledge Base and the KB article have no “Can Read” User Criteria, what role is required to read the article?

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The customer you will be implementing for wants to utilize Now Mobile. What is the minimum HR SKU they may purchase that includes Now Mobile?

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Beginning with the Orlando release, which module allows HR Administrators to define which groups may access the various COEs or HR Services without needing to edit or create new ACL records?

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When does the platform assign a Client Role to a user?

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Which HR Role is typically granted to all HR Support staff, at a minimum?

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The Lifecycle Events [sn_hr_le_case] table is a direct extension of which table?

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If the HR Administrator has only been given the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role, what additional role is necessary for them to configure all aspects of the Employee Document Management application?

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Which module provides a user-friendly interface new HR Skills and assigning HR skills to members of the HR department?

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When a Document Template is created from an HR Case, the name of the person who created the document is added to the name of the attachment. Why?

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What are the major HR Service Catalog components (Choose four.)

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Which of the following are predefined Dashboards that are installed with HR Case Management? (Choose three.)

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How can HR Tasks be marked as optional?

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Which table is considered the core table for all HR Case records?

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What determines which Knowledge bases, Knowledge articles, and Service Catalog Items an employee can view?

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What provides a graphical representation of other tables related to a specific table, either through class extension or reference?

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What are the benefits of the HR application being scoped? (Choose three.)

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If the HR Administrator group has been tasked with collecting Performance Analytics data, what additional role should be granted to the group?

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What is the difference between a configuration and a customization?

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A user with only the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role can save and modify which copies of existing reports?

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Scenario: An existing ITSM customer is now implementing HR Enterprise. As part of the implementation, the Scoped Application Restricted Caller Access [com.glide.scope.access.restricted_caller] plugin was automatically activated.

By default, what is the Caller Access field set to?

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Which of the following is the key factor in determining the implementation timeline?

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What role needs to be removed from the Admin role at go live to prevent the System Admin from being able to see HR Profile information?

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What must be updated or loaded into the Customer’s instance before importing the stories?

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On the HR Case form, some HR Services have associated Response templates. What determines which HR Services have Response Templates?

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What determines when the HR Chat queue is available?

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If you wanted someone to administer the Employee Service Center without granting them the HR Admin role, which scoped Admin role would they need?

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If you select Data type Numeric Scale on the Assessment Metric (Survey Question) form there is a Scale definition field made visible.What does it mean to select High for the Scale definition?

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If the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] needs to develop within the HR application but cannot have the system Admin role, what additional role should be granted?

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The HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role allows the user to add members to groups. What additional role is needed for an HR Admin to remove users from groups?

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What defines the path the Case or HR Task will take when it is escalated?

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What settings define and track cross-scope access to applications?

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How can fields for a specific HR Service be displayed on the New Case Creation page?

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Delegated Developers are granted access only to what in which they are working?

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ServiceNow has identified 3 maturity levels for an HR customer. What are they?

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The Template field referenced on the HR Service record is used to do what?

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In which Application Scope is the Lifecycle Events table contained?

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The customer you are implementing has purchased HR Service Delivery Enterprise which includes Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.

Which plugin must be activated to utilize Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions?

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When the Lifecycle Events application is installed, the LE Admin role is granted to which role?

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When is the Record producer field needed on the HR Service record?

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At what level is User Criteria set to control who can read and edit knowledge articles?

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Using the base HRSD configuration with no integrations, when the subject person electronically signs an HR document or PDF document, the signature is saved as what?

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HR Administrators can configure a personal copy of the HR Case Dashboard using which of the following buttons? (Choose two.)