CIS-HR Mock Paper 2

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CIS-HR Mock Paper 2

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to HRSD Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – HR (CIS-HR) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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What determines if a user can view a knowledge article?

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In the base ServiceNow platform, the Human Resources General Knowledge base has Can Contribute User Criteria set to Users with the [sn_hr_core.kb_write] role.

If a knowledge article in the Human Resources General Knowledge base has no Can Contribute User Criteria set, what is the minimum role a user would need to edit the article?

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What are the advantages of removing the HR Admin role from the system Admin role after the HR Implementation tasks have been completed? (Choose two.)

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With the I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization Plugin v2 enabled, how are translated Knowledge articles associated with each other so that the user is presented with the article in the selected language?

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What is used to create a link on an HR Case form that accesses information outside the application?

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The Knowledge bases searched for the Knowledge results section on an HR Case are determined by what?

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What role is required, at a minimum, to view confidential HR Profile data?

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If you have both Admin and HR Admin roles and wanted to configure an Access Control for the Employee Relations Cases table, what must first be done?

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An HR Admin without the System Admin role can do what? (Choose three.)

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If a knowledge base and its articles have no user criteria selected, a user without a role can do what?

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If the HRSD application is scoped, why can the System Administrator initially access all HR applications after the plugin has been installed?

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In the base ServiceNow instance, how are User Criteria used?

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What are the key differentiators between an HR Profile record and a User record? (Choose three.)

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When creating a PDF Document Template, where does the list of Document Revisions come from?

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When gathering requirements for HR Services, it is best to begin by defining the Service then working upwards, categorizing in progressively more detail. What are the basic categories used?

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After the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role has been removed from the admin role, how may a user with only the admin role add members to HR groups?

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What role is required to access the modules in the HR Integrations application?

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If the Audience field has been configured on a Lifecycle Event Activity, what will the system do if the subject person does not meet the criteria for that Activity?

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An employee in Chicago submits a request using the Employee Service Center. The HR Case template associated with the HR Service defines the Skills needed, but not an Assignment Group.

Using base platform functionality, which of the following is the first step the system takes to assign the Case?

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If an HR Service will only be used internally by HR professionals, what is the minimum configuration needed?

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In which module can the HR admin manage the HR email address for incoming HR requests?

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What method needs to be invoked from MatchingRuleProcessor class?

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If the Match All field is checked on a User Criteria record, the user:

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What kind of records do HR Requests create?

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What defines an employee’s access to the HR Service Portal / Employee Service Center?

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What types of HR Document templates may be created in ServiceNow? (Choose two.)

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How is the HR template associated with an HR service?

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When does the HR Template populate information on the HR Case form?

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In the Create Bulk Cases module, which Filter by options are available in the dropdown? (Choose four.)

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Which of the following are examples of HR application scopes? (Choose four.)

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How can an HR Administrator or Content writer limit which employees will see content on the Employee Service Center?

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When an employee completes a questionnaire on an Employee Form, on which table does the system store their answers?

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How many User Criteria Records may be applied to a single KB or KB Article?

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What is the purpose of the Owning Group field on the HR Template?

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If the HR Service does not have any Case options specified, HR Documents must be manually generated for the HR Case. In this situation, who is able to generate an HR document for the Case?

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What kinds of records can be created using HR Service Activities? (Choose two.)

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What are some of the benefits of having separate COE tables? (Choose two.)

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What does ServiceNow now call the HR application?

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Where does the HR Administrator define which HR Profile fields can be edited in the ServiceNow instance?

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User authentication and Instance restriction are examples of what type of security?

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If a customer has a huge employee population, complex organizational structures, and requires custom integrations and language translations, what level of configuration complexity would their project be considered?

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How does ServiceNow know which HR Template to use on an HR Case?

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Who can generate the PDF document on an active HR Case?

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What do Client Roles define?

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In the base instance, what determines the conditions a Case must meet before it can be assigned to an agent?