CIS-HR Mock Paper 1

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CIS-HR Mock Paper 1

This Quiz contains Multiple Choice Questions related to HRSD Application that will help you to pass Certified Implementation Specialist – HR (CIS-HR) certification.


Number of Questions: 45

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Passing Marks: 70%

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Which additional role is required for an HR admin [sn_hr_core.admin] to remove users from groups?

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If you submit a “Bulk HR Case Request”, By default, when HR cases will get created?

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How can you include a new HR Knowledge base in the knowledge results section on the HR Case form?

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Which role is required to assign scoped HR roles?

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By default, Matching rules provided by base system for each HR table and Task. (Select two).

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Which of the following are true for an HR application as it relates to the User [sys_user] Table and the HR Profile [sn_hr_core.profile] Table?

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If you want to access HR Services on the Employee Service Center? What field must be completed on the HR Service?

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How can you associate HR Template with an HR Service?

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In the HR Guided Setup Module, the Configuration View displays which of the following for a Category? (Choose three.)

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Which role is required to configure Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)?

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Which plugin is used by Matching rules?

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The HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] table is an extension of

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What role is required, at a minimum, to view/read confidential HR Profile data?

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What criteria will the assignment and matching rules evaluate to automatically assign the case? (Choose three)

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Skills can be assigned to:

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If an HR admin needs to develop application code for the HR Application. Which role is required?

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A business rule called that invokes matching rule logic.

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Which Service Portal configuration option is used to customize the logo, theme, and title of the HR Service Portal?

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The Plugin to activate Scoped Application Restricted Caller Access

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Which minimum role is required to make changes to any HR Properties?

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What are the options available for Caller Restriction field? (Select two)

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What are the different approaches to automatically assign HR Case? (Select three)

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____________  is an alternative to using HR Templates, HR Assignment rules, and HR Matching rules.

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What role is required, at a minimum, to write confidential HR Profile data?

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What are the different ways to create an HR Catalog items? (Select two)

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If a new hire decides not to join the company or a job offer is revoked, which of these is the best method to use to reverse work already performed as part of Lifecycle Event?

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You are implementing HR Enterprise for a customer. In UAT, they discovered that they get an error message about a Read operation from the HR scope to the Global scope being denied. You have verified that each Script Include was written correctly.

What else must be done to allow the Script Includes to work in the HR application?

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What type of information does the HR Profile contain?

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Each COEs extend which table:

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A graphical Interface to create survey categories and questions, configure the details, and publish the survey to specific users or groups.

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An HR Service can be associated with

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Which role is required to add a user to an HR group?

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Pre-defined client roles in HRSD. (Choose two)

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The HR Profile table is used to track information for what Employment types? (Choose three.)

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Topic Category is used to

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HR Profiles may be created for multiple employees using conditions and criteria in which module?

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When a Guided Setup task is marked as complete, how can it be reopened?

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Which role is required to create multiple employees using “Generate HR Profile” module? (Select two)

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How HR case form can be auto populated with field values?

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You are working on some Integration and you need some fields to be editable on HR Profile. How can you define which HR Profile fields can be edited in the ServiceNow instance?

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Which field on the HR Service record defines which HR Catalog item is associated with the HR Service?

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When creating a PDF Document template, the Document revision field must be completed. How does the system determine which documents are available to be selected for this field?

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What are the different views of HR Guided Setup? (Choose three)

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If a Lifecycle Event has many activities such as approvals, tasks and they must be completed in a specific order. Which of these is the best method to use to ensure the activities are triggered in the appropriate order?

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When configuring a PDF Document Template, how does the system map from fields to ServiceNow fields?